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Jessica , 17 , Manchester , England
Posted on 15th Mar at 5:05 PM
Florence + the Machine Gig Manchester - Before

hello again as you may noticed from my tumblr i do love Florence and the machine it’s my favourite band / singer. I am very lucky to attend this gig tonight where Spector and The Horrors are supporting which i am also looking forward too as they are both brilliant bands. I have been waiting for this day for months and all of today even during my drama exam i broke out in song dedicating  it to Florence Welch it even got me   in a lot of trouble in my maths lesson which i spent doing renditions of ” heavy in your arms ” which i suspect will not be played tonight. i have been given orders by friends to rate spector on performance live and also ring them whilst their favourite songs are playing so i am really looking forward to tonight.

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